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How to Make a Floral Halo Headpiece: DIY

I love flower halos. I wish I could wear one everyday! They are a great option for the boho South Asian woman who wants something fresh, fun, and different than the usual wedding floral jewelry. If you want this look but are not sure how to make it happen, then this post is for you.

Alexandra Wallace of A.W. Photography teamed up with florist Rachael Manuele for this sunny and beautiful inspirational shoot. Scroll down for Rachael’s tutorial on how to make a floral halo for your own wedding.

How to Make A Flower Halo Headpiece

Most of the supplies can be found at a craft/hobby store or online.

You will need:

  • two floral wire stems, 18 guage
  • floral tape
  • thin floral wire (comes on a spool)
  • wire cutters
  • fresh flowers

When making a fresh flower halo headpiece, keep in mind that it is time sensitive. I would advise that the bride ask a creative family member or friend (someone not directly involved in the festivities of your wedding) to create the piece. It must be created within a few hours of the ceremony to ensure that the flowers stay fresh. The one you see in the photos took an hour and a half to two hours to create.

1. First take the two floral wire stems and twist the two ends together to create one long piece. Then take that piece and wrap around the crown of your head to get the measurement. Make the circle slightly loose.

2. Twist the two ends together and cut the remaining wire.

3. Wrap both spots that you twisted together with floral tape to create a smooth surface so that the wire won’t poke you. This will be the base for the halo headpiece.

4. When choosing flowers, make sure you have a nice variety of small and large blooms. I chose snap dragons because of the cascading blooms. Cascading blooms help give you multiple blooms with less wiring, plus the multiple blooms hide the wire.

5. Cut stems about 3/4 inch and attach the flowers to the base with the thin floral wire. Wrap about three to four times around base.

6. Wrap the floral tape around the wire to create a smooth surface. Do this until you have a full headpiece. You may like to have a few pieces of greenery or flowers to stick in loosely to hide the wire. Using ribbon can also add an elegant touch.

Remember to keep the balance of the various flower blooms uniform but make sure to switch it up a little to add visual interest. My favorite thing about fresh flower arrangements and accessories is that the beauty is in the imperfections – so don’t over design. Have fun!

Photoshoot Credits:

  • A.W. Photography
  • Rachael Manuele of Eden Floral
  • Makeup artist: Ariel Lizarraga
  • Venue: Orcutt Fields
  • Model: Jenna Phillips

Thank you Rachael for the amazing tutorial, and thank you Alexandra for the gorgeous submission via Two Bright Lights!

Readers, if you would like to see how to style a flower halo with Indian or Pakistani clothing, check out Karma Atelier in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Lahore Fashion Week 2011 and the Shakuntlam 2010 ad campaign styled by Sudip Battacharya.

Happy Monday!

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