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DIY Ribbon Backdrop Tutorial by Something Borrowed Vintage Rentals

It’s no secret that I love ribbons. One of my own wedding events had a ribbon backdrop and I’ve loved the look ever since. Today on the blog, Lane’ and Kellie from Something Borrowed Vintage Rentals in Portland have crafted a DIY ribbon backdrop tutorial to help you create this modern look for your own wedding. Specifically, the ladies will explain how they created the beautifully layered backdrop in this image shot by Hazelwood Photo for Style Unveiled.

DIY Ribbon Backdrop Tutorial | Hazelwood Photo | Rubies and Ribbon

You Will Need

  • Wooden dowel or pipe and drape (minus the drape)
  • Fabric, old sheets, ribbon, and/or tulle
  • Two (2) eye hooks
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure

Tutorial: How to Make a Ribbon Backdrop 

1. Measure how wide you want your ribbon backdrop to span. Ours is 8 feet wide by about 6 feet long.

2. Screw one eye hook about 1/2 an inch from each end of the wooden dowel (if pipe is not being used).

3. If you’re using fabric or recycled sheets, cut a starter slit on the top edge then tear all the way to the opposite edge. Strips should be about a 1/2 to 1 inch wide.

4. Measure the length of a piece of ribbon and cut it to the desired length, adding an extra foot to each piece.

5. Loop each fabric and ribbon strip over the wooden dowel, overlapping about a foot for each piece. Secure with a double knot at the dowel.

6. Continue adding fabric and ribbon to the dowel/pipe, mixing colors and textures to achieve your pattern and desired thickness.

The entire process will take a few hours, depending on how full you want the ribbon backdrop to be. To transport, lay the ribbon backdrop on a sheet and roll. This will ensure your backdrop arrives safely and untangled.

DIY ribbon backdrop tutorial | Hazelwood Photo | Rubies and Ribbon

Thank you Lane’ and Kellie for the helpful tutorial! I know you’ve made quite a few brides happy today. Thank you to Hazelwood Photo for co-ordinating the submission. I love it!

Credits: DIY Ribbon Backdrop

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