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Continuing with my series of entertainment posts, today let’s talk about music.  Even if you don’t plan on having a dance party, soft background music will help create ambience.

All you need is a cooperative DJ, good speakers, and a little bit of extra thought.

Being strategic with music choices will pique the curiosity of guests and encourage conversation.  Good conversation is free, and is the best kind of entertainment.

South Asian weddings do not have to play South Asian music!  Choose songs you love, that you think guests will find interesting, and that suit the atmosphere.

Target your Audience

I had uncles, aunties, teenagers and 20-somethings approach me during the wedding saying they loved the music and how much fun they were having.  It made me super happy, and it was so easy!  Here are my recommendations per target audience.

Aunties love low-key songs from Bollywood blockbusters of the 1990s and early 2000s. Anything with Shah Rukh Khan or Aishwarya Rai will work.

Uncles love english oldies and indian folk songs. (They told me so!)   Try the Beatles and 1950s-1960s Bollywood.

Your friends will probably like the same music you do, so choose your favourites! Make sure the beat is not too brash and there is no swearing – otherwise your older guests may get irritated. Here were some songs that went over well with our audience.

Target the Moment

Entrance songs are always a bit dramatic.  My suggestion for the bride:

My suggestion for the groom with the baraat (his family and friends):

Ceremonies like the arsi mashaf and ring exchange are sweeter with the right soundtrack.

Dinner/background music is fun and light hearted. Put your “targeted songs” here. I also like the following tracks.

The cake cutting ceremony is a happy and whimsical time.  Try a “sweet” song!

The rukhsati is the dramatic exit of the bride and groom.  This is always a sad moment and requires the right setting of tone.


Ensure you hire a DJ with good taste and a high quality sound system and speakers. Find someone whose personality you like and who is willing to give you input into the playlist. (Some DJ’s will not).  Meet with your vendor in advance and set out a schedule for what should be played during which segment of the night.  Then let the DJ do his/her thing – they know how to judge a crowd.  I love these DJs:

Stay Tuned

I always love posting fun songs.  You can stay on top of the playlist here.

What are your favourite wedding songs?

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